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That comfortable feeling of mother and baby cuddling.
Our organically certified CUDDLE products are by your side, supporting body and mind
during the precious 10 months before becoming a mother and after the baby's birth.
We have been providing skin care products and solutions for the mother and baby
for almost two decades. Tailoring our treatments by listening to women's concerns, we developed
this product line that is safe and comfortable for both mother and baby,
as well as for the rest of the family.
We design a fragrance with ingredients to ensure the perfect balance
between mind and body for both mother and baby.
Skincare is about tuning into your instincts, listening to your body through your skin
all the way to your heart...just like cuddling.
These are the ideas behind our organically certified
CUDDLE products for mother and baby.
Cuddle Me
Cuddle You
Cuddle Baby

At CUDDLE BABY, we offer products that are suitable for use on newborn babies
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