Company Profile

Company Profile

Name of Company

Blue ink (Blue ink.,inc)

Established on

January 27, 2016, following the establishment of its predecessor AROMATIQUE Ltd., in 2000

Managing Director & CEO

Azusa Annells
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[ Headquarters ] 1-18-38 Namidate Maeda, Aomori City, Aomori, 038-0024 JAPAN
Telephone: 017-781-6365
[ Tokyo Office ] 5-12-19-301 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
Telephone: 03-6451-1657
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Business Operations

Aromatherapy Business
Aromatherapy Institute: training of aromatherapy & cosmetic concepts and techniques
Management operations of aromatherapy and cosmetics & management of consultant operations
Sales & distribution of aromatherapy related products
Import, manufacturing and sales & distribution of cosmetics

Associated Company / Farm

Associated Company

Atelier Organic Inc.


Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, HOKKAIDO

Business Operations

Aromatherapy Business
Manufacturing/Distribution of Cosmetics

COSMOS ORGANIC Certified Factory

Affiliated Farm



Kasuga-cho, Okoppe, Monbetsu-gun, HOKKAIDO

Business Operations

Production, extraction and distribution of organic herbs


Year 2000

Established AROMATIQUE Ltd.

Year 2001

Established an Aromatherapy Room within FUTAGAMI GYNECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS HOSPITAL to offer
aromatherapy treatments for pregnancy.
Commenced clinical operation of Childbirth with Aromatherapy & Baby Care.

Year 2007

Azusa Annells is selected as the exclusive formulator for the Hollywood film "PERFUME - The Story of a Murderer".
Established a Relaxation Room within SENRI REHABILITATION HOSPITAL in Minoo, OSAKA, where a qualified aromatherapist engaged in patient care, in collaboration with medical staff

Year 2008

Opened a directly owned AROMATIQUE Salon & Shop in Tokyo Mid-Town.
Services include the customized blending of essential oils and aromatherapy salon treatments.
Opened a treatment clinic within MAEDA GYNECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS HOSPITAL in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa.
Supported the Japanese Olympic Team with aromatherapy treatments at the Peking Olympics

Year 2009

Joined with Jasmin Skincare, Australia to establish JASMIN AROMATIQUE
Produced ORGANIC AROMATHERAPY & TREATMENTS within "be my self" Naka-Meguro
Produced and manufactured 「 be my self」 original aromatherapy blended oils, products and treatments

Year 2010

Commenced activities as a Program-Specific Senior Lecturer of Aromatherapy at Shizuoka Industrial University, Business Administration Department

Year 2013

Azusa Annells is appointed as the Global Executive Principal of the Jasmin Aromatique Group
Flagship shop is moved to Jingu-Mae in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Essential Oil Blending by Azusa Nakamura Annells (BAB Japan 2013)

Year 2014

The Complete Book for Aromatherapy Concepts in Pregnancy & Childbirth (BAB Japan 2014)

Year 2016

Established Blue ink Inc. as a new business venture
Understanding, Enjoying & Utilising Scents; The Aromatherapy PERFECT BOOK (Natsume Co.)

Our Services

School of Aromatherapy

The ARTQ INSTITUE offers courses and seminars ranging from introductory seminars for new students up to professional courses in the science and art of aromatherapy. Each course is instructed by specialist lecturers with wide experience in training and field experience, offering a curriculum catering to high professional standards. The content of the courses we cover at the ARTQ INSTITUE start with an Introductory Course, an Art of Blending Course, Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Childbirth Course, English for Therapists Course, Body Treatment Course and a wide range of other units. Additionally, from 2019, we will launch a new course for therapists, wherein they can go within to get in touch with their inner needs and thus support their mental health. This new course is designed to aid therapists of all fields to take better care of themselves, so as to care for their clients better. The ARTQ INSTITUTE is a comprehensive school that is dedicated towards providing the best education and training for therapists from all fields.

Sales & Distribution of ARTQ ORGANICS Products

Our original brand, ARTQ ORGANICS (Aromatique Organics), was established in 2016 and engages in the sales and distribution of COSMOS ORGANIC certified products. Since the year 2000, we have been traveling the world in pursuit of the best quality of organic raw ingredients, learning from and working with the best organic farms, so as to offer you the finest products resulting from a high standard of understanding of and experience with organic ingredients. We also engage in the wholesale of our products to professional and specialist clients( medical institutions, gynecology & obstetrics hospitals, spa resorts , salon owners).

Sales/Wholesale of RAW MATERIALS

Working closely with our certified organic farms since the year 2000, we are able to provide you with the freshest essential oils.
We can also create original essential oil blend formulae to suit your needs. Kindly contact our office staff for further assistance.

Aromatherapy Business Consulting

Aromatic consulting and seminars for shops, stores and spas, OEM/ Product Development, original brand collaborations, facility space planning, sales & promotion, printed matter such as brochures etc. Requests for consultation in design and utilization will be received according to objectives, environments and other operational needs, in order to create plans for original blends utilizing pure essential oils. Our objective is to provide each client with quality fragrances and to promote the experience of the pleasure and functionality that essential oils can offer.
We can adhere to your requests for a large range and grade of essential oils so as to meet your operational budgets and requests.
Kindly contact our office for further guidance.

Works/Collaborated Operations
  • * Original blend for the Hollywood film "PERFUME – The Story of a Murderer"
  • * Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd. *AOYAMA FLOWER MARKET NHK Hall Film Premiere
  • * AOYAMA FLOWER MARKET NHK Hall Film Premiere
  • * SENSHUKAI Co. Ltd
  • * Brasyna, Inc.
  • * Beniya Mukayu Hot Spring Resort
  • * JR Nagoya Takashimaya
  • * Roppongi Hills TOUCH original blends
  • * Huis Ten Bosch
  • * Heim Cosmetics
  • * Laura Ashley
  • * Marui Co。Ltd
  • * Hankyu International Hotel
  • * Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel
  • * be myself
  • * Thermes Marins
  • * SOGO SEIBU Co. Ltd
  • * UCHINO Co. Ltd
  • * MoltoBene Co. Ltd