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Organic Certification

Our factory in Hokkaido that manufactures ARTQ ORGANICS products, along with our contracted factories around the world undergo a strict audit every year to acquire organic certification. In addition to the inspections that are conducted to ensure that we utilise farming methods that do not depend on chemical procedures, the audit also calls for inspection of manufacturing methods, storage conditions, manufacturing records and methods maintained to protect the environment. This is a standard that is not our own company standard, but that of a Third Party organization.
The standards of this governing body need to be strictly complied with, and the annual audit is the only way to obtain this organic certification and the use of the certification logos.
All of our products are subject to this audit, and all products carry the “certified organic” logo.


In 2010, 5 certifying organisations joined together to form this governing body. Apart from water and minerals, all products need to be manufactured with 95 % or over of organic raw materials.


An organic standard in the USA that grants organic certification only to ingredients that have been organically farmed, producing products that are 95% or more organic.

Philosophy - What does organic mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

What does organic mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

To provide the ability to “see” the invisible force of this sensory quality
That is the challenge that we have undertaken in order to demonstrate what we mean by organic quality

Aromatherapy - What do fragrances mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

What do fragrances mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

The pursuit of deeply fragrant and versatile organic essential oils of flawless quality

Organic Certification - Organic Certification

Organic Certification

All ARTQ ORGANICS products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified

Our Quality & Policy - Passion for Quality Manufacturing

Passion for Quality Manufacturing

Organic certification enabled by premium quality farms across the world