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What Is Our Organic Mind

"A fragrance that touches you deeply can call forth a change in you ... body and mind"
That has been our philosophy since the year 2000, creating products from pure ingredients,
at optimal temperatures, and in pursuit of that special fragrance.
We discovered that the best quality was always to be found
where certified organic raw materials were provided.
This does not mean, however, that just any "organic" product will do.
Nor that our objective is merely to comply with the organic certification standards.
Our purpose is to offer each of our customers only the best products, using the best quality
of organic materials, which then serves to prove our concepts
that organic raw materials really do produce the most ideal products.

Azusa Annells


Azusa Annells

Managing Director & CEO of Blue ink Incorporated
Global Organic Formulator
Clinical Aromatherapist

Currently enrolled in the doctoral course of Medical Sciences, researching Developmental Medicine, Reproductive Pathophysiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology within Hirosaki University
Attended the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in Great Britain for 3 years to study in the Clinical Aromatherapy Course, specializing in Pregnancy & Childbirth and Complementary Therapies.: Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA) Diploma
After returning to Japan she established AROMATIQUE Ltd., the predecessor of Blue ink Incorporated in the year 2000.
Promoting labour care incorporating aromatherapy concepts within a gynecology & obstetric environment, Azusa held seminars and lectures for both health professionals and the general public.
She has been selected as the exclusive formulator by many large organisations, public figures and celebrities, as well as the formulator for the Hollywood film “PERFUME – The Story of a Murderer”.
Azusa is a pioneer in the field of essential oil blending in Japan.

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Philosophy - What does organic mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

What does organic mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

To provide the ability to “see” the invisible force of this sensory quality
That is the challenge that we have undertaken in order to demonstrate what we mean by organic quality

Aromatherapy - What do fragrances mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

What do fragrances mean to us at ARTQ ORGANICS?

The pursuit of deeply fragrant and versatile organic essential oils of flawless quality

Organic Certification - Organic Certification

Organic Certification

All ARTQ ORGANICS products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified

Our Quality & Policy - Passion for Quality Manufacturing

Passion for Quality Manufacturing

Organic certification enabled by premium quality farms across the world